Learning Cycles

Sharing learning goals and success criteria with students in a meaningful way has been easier when I view them through the lens of the Accelerated Learning Framework.

Using the Accelerated Learning Framework as a guide, I created a learning cycle template that allows me to incorporate each element of the framework into my planning for student learning.

The summative learning goal is in the center and each smaller learning goal is based on breaking down what students need to learn in order to meet the success criteria.  Using this template I have been able to identify what 21st Century skills will be addressed, the pedagogy that I will be employing, the rich task that will be provided and the technology that will be used to support and enhance it.

Providing this same information to students is also easy and meaningful as I share the same parts of the framework on my ‘Now Playing’ board.

Students are better able to use this information to articulate what they are learning, what tools they are using and how they need to demonstrate their understanding.  Using a framework, such as the Accelerated Learning Framework, allows students and teachers to see the link between the goals, the process and the product.  In doing so, each is seen as an integral part of the learning cycle.


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